Frequently Asked Questions

How to commission a portrait?
Contact me either via email, or by filling out the form on the Commissions page. Be as specific as possible as to size, medium, number of figures, etc. Attach reference pictures as necessary. Quote is absolutely free.
Can I pose live for my portrait?
Yes. Portraits can be drawn or painted not only from a reference picture(s), but from life. Life drawing sessions are scheduled at my home studio. E-mail me for availability.
Can you combine images/subjects from several photos and can I choose a background?
Absolutely. You can send me several pictures with a description of what your preferences are. If are not certain what exactly you would like the finished piece to look like, I will make a composition and send you a comprehensive sketch for review before I move on to the bulk of the piece.
Can I order a custom size and what will the price be?
You can choose your own size, which is not included in the price chart. Specify the size when you commission your portrait to be quoted accordingly.
How many changes are allowed during the painting process?
Once the painting is in progress, only minor changes will be allowed. You will be receiving one or two updates throughout the process.
How are payments made?
Payments are usually made via PayPal. Half the price is paid as deposit to begin the painting process. The balance is due upon completion, after which I will ship the physical piece to you. I will provide you with my PayPal email information as needed.
What about shipping?
Shipping is paid by the customer, unless you live in Chicago or the suburbs and would like to pick up your piece in person with no shipping charges.
How much time does it take to create a portrait?
Once your commission is placed in the queue and comes up on my schedule, it will generally takes 2-6 weeks for completion. You will be informed of the timeline for your commission. The time depends on medium and complexity of the project. If your portrait is a surprise gift that you wish to present on a special occasion, please consult with me for scheduling arrangements.
Do you offer frames?
I do not offer frames at the moment, but if you provide a frame for your piece, I could mount it for an additional charge.
How can I order a landscape, still-life, or any other painting?
You can choose your favorite picture or describe what you have in mind.
How can I commission a mural painting?
The mural painting process varies slightly from that of portraits or other paintings in that I would be visiting the site you would like painted to discuss the nature of the project and its final price. Meanwhile, you are welcome to fill out the commission form.
My question is not answered on this page.
Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.